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Come to our show floor and feel free to browse through the huge assortment of carpets, and once you find one that you love, schedule an appointment with us.  We will do a site measure, and give you a quote on both materials and installation. Good luck.   

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Someone will be happy to help you during the posted times, however, if you would like to meet us, please Call to make an appointment, we often step out to do in home consultations... we can meet you at any time to accommodate your work schedule, and to AVOID traffic - at the store, or at your home.

We assure you,  you will find something you love.

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Shopping for carpet is a lot like shopping for a car. It involves a huge financial investment; all the different styles, colors and brands can make your head spin; and you often end up dealing with high-pressure salespeople. The experience can be so overwhelming that it’s tempting to shop with only a basic color and style in mind and rely on salespeople for recommendations.

Carpeting is one of the largest investments you’ll make in your home. By doing some basic homework, comparison shopping and working with a reputable retailer, you’ll be able to buy carpeting that fits your needs—and gives you confidence that you’re getting a quality product for a good price.

This website will give you a basic background in carpet styles and quality and discuss the primary things to think about when you’re shopping for new carpeting. We’ll give you tips on what to look for as well as what to look out for. 

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Just give us a call, send an email or visit our showroom. 

You will get the best service and the carpet of your dreams. 



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